5 Layer Soft Cotton Pad

5 Layer Soft Cotton Pad

How To Use

5-layer, 100% pure cotton pads for cleansing, makeup removal, toning, and exfoliating. Soft, non-tearing, and lint-free pads can be easily separated into five layers for versatile use. Partner with Skin Conditioning Micellar Cleansing Water and Skin Conditioning Lip & Eye Remover for optimal results.

Mesh Side – 1 Layer

Gently exfoliates when cleansing for clearer pores and softer skin. Perfect for glitter makeup removal, catches all the small to large particles.

Smooth Side – 4 Layers

Densely packed, easily separated sheets effectively wipe away makeup residue when cleansing and improve product absorption when applying toner.

100% cotton.


Create a DIY sheet mask. Separate the 5-layers into single layers. Saturate the single layers with your favorite hydrator. Apply to face and leave on to intensely moisturize skin.

100% Pure Cotton Pad

No additives.

Soft cotton pads are free of fluorescent whitening agents and formaldehyde for smooth cleansing and skin care. 

Compressed at high pressure to create non-tearing, lint-free sheets.

Cleansing Tip!

First, use mesh side to gently remove makeup. dirt, and impurities.

Second, peel off the mesh layer and use the smooth side layers to thoroughly wipe away remaining residue.

Repeat and peel off each layer until your skin feels cleansed and moisturized.

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