Blooming Edition5

Gentle Sunshine Collection

The delicate formula melts onto lips for superior comfort and moisturizing shine without stickiness or feathering, leaving your lips glazed with a lasting stain of buildable color. 


* Contains Water Barrier & Hydration

A water barrier with a moisture content of 45% or more forms a moist moisture barrier.

* Soft Comfortable Effect

A formula with an optimal oil-moisture balance for a feeling of use without stuffiness.

It adheres lightly and thinly to the lips and maintains a comfortable feeling without feeling heavy.


Dahlia's Blooming Edition Satin Glow Lip Stain is a lightweight liquid gel formula that adheres gently and provides a moisturizing glow finish.

With delicate pigments that feature tinted functionality and moisture, it maintains a vivid and clear color on your lips all day long.

Provides a clear and vivid color payoff, while moisturizing the lips with a buildable shine that does not smudge.

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