Fine Mist Spray

Fresh Scent

Experience the subtle and delightful fragrance of grapefruit and lavender in the fixer, allowing for effortless application without the need to hold your breath.

Sprays smoothly and evenly without any clumping, ensuring a seamless makeup application that adheres perfectly to the skin.

Day-to-Night, Long-Lasting Fixer

* Perfect Lasting

Hydrates the skin, creating a firm and supple base that helps makeup stay in place and last longer without any flaking.

Airy Comfort FitAiry Comfort Fit

Flawless skin without makeup creasing or clumping.

Controls sebum production throughout the day and soothes overheated skin.

* Botanical Tannin

Tannins derived from botanical ingredients for pore control and sebum regulation

*Soothing Cooler

Plant-based patented ingredient with cooling properties.

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