Melt in Mellow Collection

The soft and moist velvet shadow melts smoothly to complete the \"Mellow Mood” look

The amazingly soft, high-color melting texture perfectly adheres to your eye’s area.



Flowing the points from neutral brown, deep brown to shimmer beige, which has composed of warm and mellow colors.

COOL SAND (Matte) : Neutral Camel Brown

GOLDEN CARAMEL (Shimmer) : Beige Gold Brown.

OPAL GLEAM (Glitter) : Opal Beige

DARK SAHARA  : Deep Neutral Brown


Flowing the points from soft rose, pink gold to deep satin brown which has composed of natural and lively colors.

TENDER ROSE (Matte) : Soft Rose

SATIN SLIP (Shimmer) : Warm Satin Pink

EUPHORIA (Glitter) : Pink Gold

SULTRY (Shimmer) : Deep Satin Brown


Dream Velvet Eyeshadow Palette

Warm mood dyed smoothly like velvet.

Various textures are matched to 4 tone-on-tone colors to complete sensuous daily makeup with just one palette

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