Dream Lash Dual Serum

Enriched with nourishing and patented ingredients, for optimal eyelash care.

Specially formulated to strengthen short and weak eyelashes, this serum combines highly concentrated nourishing ingredients with effective active components to reinforce the lashes.

Dual Type Applicator & FormulaDual Type Applicator & Formula

01. Eyelash Tonic

Strengthening and nourishing ingredients for lash roots

1) Formula

• Non-sticky water-based toner formula with a pale-yellow color

• Oil-free and made with natural extracts to avoid eye irritation.

2) Features 

• Provides nourishment, cares for lash roots, and strengthens the lashes.

• Offers gentle care with a pH level similar to tears.

02. Eyelash Serum 

Enhancing elasticity and moisturizing for natural lash curl 

1) Formula

• Serum formula that provides natural shine and volume to the lashes.

• With a slightly thicker consistency than a toner, it allows for better lash fixation.

2) Features

• Provides volume, curling, lash protection, and moisturization.

• Offers gentle care with a pH level similar to tears.

Enhancing Eye Lash Serum

A precision brush for targeted nourishment,  perfect for lashes, brows, and hairlines.

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